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    Lula Carnival

    Su Battileddu is the victim. He wears sheepskin or sheepskin, his dark face of soot mixed with blood, a headdress of goat, cow or deer antlers on his head, tied cowbells (marrazzos) on his chest. A goat's stomach is p...

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    Carnevale di Lula
    Olzai Carnival
    From Carnival Sunday to Ash Wednesday and Pentolaccia Sunday, the streets of the town are animated by the three masks characteristic of the Olza carnival: sos Intintos, sos Murronarzos and sos Maimones. The carnival i...
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    Mamoiada, Museo delle Maschere Mediterranee
    Place of culture
    Mamoiada, Museum of Mediterranean Masks
    The Museum of Mediterranean Masks has its home in Mamoiada, a jewel of history and culture north of the Gennargentu Massif, just over 15 km from the city of Nuoro. Not far from Orgosolo, a center known for its wall pa...
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    Ovodda Carnival
    The Ovodda Carnival takes place on Ash Wednesday (Mehuris de Lessia). It is characterized by a strong identification of the community with its centuries-old traditions. The main character is Don Conte, an anthropomorp...
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    Carnevale di Sarule
    Sarule Carnival
    The main mask of Sarule's carnival is called Sa Maschera a Gattu. She wears the two skirts of the traditional costume inside out, to hide the embroideries and guarantee anonymity, a white cover on the head as a symbol...
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    A look at culture


    Arte nella tradizione popolare

    A look at the places

    Cultural Places

    Museums - libraries - monuments


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    Andalas de Cultura

    Download the app “Places of Culture” of the culture of the Region of Sardinia and discover the sites of cultural, archaeological, historical and artistic interest, in a new way. An immersive, engaging APP with Augmented Reality (AR+) and paths for discovering the cultural wealth of the territory.

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    Words of the Sardinian language


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    Afestare Festeggiare



    Fàghere festa, sas festas, fàghere a festa

    Celebrare con festa; fare festa o dimostrazioni di gioia in onore di una persona, un evento


    Sardinia Culture Informa

    "Oltre il giardino": formazione per la cura e gestione dei parchi e giardini storici
    “Beyond the garden”: training for the care and management of historic parks and gardens
    The call is open for the selection of 220 participants in the executive course on the care and management of historic parks and gardens: Executive course. Applications by February 29, 2024
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    "Il tempo delle Maschere" - Museo MURATS

    3 Feb 2024 - 3 Mar 2024

    “The Time of Masks” - MURATS Museum
    On the occasion of the event "A Maimone 2024. On Carrasegare antigu Samughesu”, the Single Regional Museum of Sardinian Textile Art - MURATS - and the Municipality of Samugheo in collabo...
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    Cesare Perra: "la camera delle meraviglie" al MUA di Sinnai

    27 Jan 2024 - 17 Mar 2024

    Cesare Perra: 'the chamber of wonders' at MUA in Sinnai
    A new exhibition for the Perra collection: Saturday, January 27 at 18:00 an exhibition will be inaugurated in which the works of the so-called Perra collection will be set up. The artistic colle...
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    Bona de Mandiargues. Rifare il mondo.

    16 Sep 2023 - 3 Mar 2024

    Bona de Mandiargues. Remaking the world
    Inaugurated on September 16, at the Nivola Museum, the first major retrospective of the surrealist artist Bona de Mandiargues (Rome 1926 - Paris 2000). An artist and writer, her unique story -...
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    Play with Us

    Welcome to the journey to discover the historical periods that have characterized the history of our region. Play with us and explore the stages proposed to learn more about the history of the Region of Sardinia: from the first evidence of human presence dating back to the Paleolithic period, to subsequent prehistoric and historical periods.

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