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Ittireddu, Civic Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

Ittireddu, Civic Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

Ittireddu, Civic Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

The museum consists of an archaeological section and an ethnographic section.
The first section illustrates the results of archaeological research carried out in the municipal area. For the pre-Nuragic Age, the Neolithic and Eneolithic materials of the Domus de Janas of Monte Pira, other Ozieri cultural materials, and a fragmentary menhir are exhibited.
A space is dedicated to the Nuragic civilization, represented both through the explanatory panels of the main monuments of the area, and with the finds from Mount Zuighe where the village referring to the Nuraghe Funtana developed.
Of great interest, among the materials of the Funtana nuraghe, the two stone tables found in the chamber of the central tower and a stone basin; the vase with a lid containing more than 19 kilos of copper in ingots is also remarkable.
It is also possible to see the cast of the famous bronze model of nuraghe and hut found in Ittireddu and preserved at the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari.
Panels and exhibits also illustrate the Roman and medieval period: ceramic materials from the Roman and medieval ages, coins, jewelry, but also the tiles with the stamp of Attes, freedom of Nero.
The ethnographic section, accompanied by explanatory panels and photographic documentation, exhibits artifacts related to aspects of traditional culture, such as peasant work, herding and milk processing techniques, weaving, or even the preparation of desserts and baking.

Why it's important to visit it
The museum summarizes the history of the territory of Ittireddu and of Sardinia, giving the inexperienced visitor, especially children, the first fundamental information about the archeology and traditions of the island.

Structure category: museum, gallery and/or collection

Content type: Archaeology

Usability: Open

Province: Sassari

Common: Ittireddu

Macro Territorial Area: Northern Sardinia


Address: via San Giacomo, 3

Telephone: +39 079 767623 +39 079 767625



January - December

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Special openings: Reservation: required for Saturdays and holidays.

Access mode: For a fee

Tickets :

  • Integer : 3 €, grownups, .

  • Reduced : 2.5 €, high school students, groups over 14 people, .

  • Reduced : 2 €, Compulsory school students, .

  • Freeware : 0 €, residents, .

Other services: The activation of the services of: internet-café, didactic-educational laboratories, bookshop, internet point is expected to be activated.


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