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Irgoli, Municipal Antiquarium

Irgoli, Municipal Antiquarium

Irgoli, Municipal Antiquarium

The Antiquarium, housed in the old municipal headquarters, hosts in its rooms finds coming almost exclusively from the municipal territory, which can be placed in a chronological period that goes from the Recent Neolithic to the Middle Ages. The materials recovered from surface collections are accompanied by objects found in recent excavation campaigns of the sacred monuments of the Nuragic era of Janna 'e Pruna and Su Notante. The entire exhibition itinerary of the museum structure, spread over two floors, is conceived with predominantly educational purposes and thanks to a rich iconographic set (explanatory panels, floor plans and photographic reproductions) allows the visitor an easy and immediate approach. The object exhibited becomes a pretext for a narrative that unfolds over the millennia touching on the various aspects of productive activities and the cultic and spiritual sphere: the stone tools (whetstones-sharpeners, axes, blades, millstones, pestles, donkey millstones) and in bronze (axes and chisels) document the origin and development of agricultural work; boiling vessels and curd strainers attest to the processing of milk; intact and fragmentary vessels exemplify the development of ceramic production over the centuries; fragmentary ingots, casting shapes and the finished product in its many forms show in all its complexity the creative vivacity of the metallurgist craftsman; spindle spindles and loom weights recall the strictly feminine activities of spinning and weaving; a splendid example of pintadera testifies to the preparation of decorated breads, while necklaces in glass paste, collars, pins and bracelets in bronze immediately reveal the taste and care for personal ornaments; finally, the votive offerings found in the sacred buildings of Janna 'e Pruna and Su Notante constitute interesting manifestations of the devotional sphere, as do, on the other hand, a truncated cone-shaped betyl in basalt and a monumental "dentelli" ashlar in granite, recovered from tombs of giants, significantly refer to the funerary sphere.

Why is it important to visit
The Antiquarium, thanks to its highly educational structure, the possibility of taking advantage of an accurate guided tour and workshops for children/teenagers, is an opportunity for the visitor to immediately and easily contact the attestations of the ancient population of the territory of Irgoli; a contact that finds another opportunity for further study during the visit to the nuragic sanctuary of Janna'e Pruna and Su Notante.

Structure category: museum, gallery and/or collection

Content type: Archaeology

Usability: Open

Province: Nuoro

Common: Irgoli

Macro Territorial Area: Central Sardinia


Address: via S. Michele, 14

Telephone: +39 0784 979074 +39 380 6390589







Autunnale - Primaverile

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Saturday - Sunday

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Access mode: For a fee

Tickets :

  • Cumulative integer : 2 €, grownups, visit to the museum and the Nuragic Sanctuary of Janna 'e Pruna and Su Notante .

  • Reduced cumulative : 1 €, teachers and students of all levels, adults, over 65 years old, residents, visit to the museum and the Nuragic Sanctuary of Janna 'e Pruna and Su Notante .

  • Freeware : 0 €, minors under 6 years old, disabled people, tourist guides and other tourist interpreters, upon presentation of a valid license, accompanying groups of more than 15 visitors, staff of the Archaeological Superintendencies, .

Other services: Multilingual guide.


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