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Àndalas {Discover the places of culture}

Àndalas {Discover the places of culture}

Àndalas {Discover the places of culture}

The APP “Àndalas - {Places of Culture} Sardinia” offers a selection of more than 400 managed and usable cultural places, with visiting services for users:
- discover museums, archives, monuments, archaeological areas and industrial archeology sites in Sardinia;
- check updated information on access times, tickets, visiting services and contacts; - listen to descriptions of places of culture through the audio guide;

- learn more about the information and digital resources available through the Sardinia portal Culture;
- discover accessible itineraries dedicated to visitors with disabilities or specific needs;
- follow the suggested visiting routes on themes and traditions of culture in Sardinia;
- create your selection of favorite places, to visit whenever you want;
- discover the places of culture suggested for you, with updated and always new proposals;
- search for places of culture by location, type, theme and methods of access or consult the map;
- use AR + augmented reality and the dedicated gallery to discover the places around you (requires the geolocation of the device);
- supports Italian, English, French, German and Spanish languages (based on the language of the device


The information is updated by the Sardegna Cultura editorial staff also through reports from the owners of the individual places of culture. Any reports on the contents can be sent through the contacts on the



6/12/2023 - 17:06


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