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    Judicial architecture

    The artistic expression that best expresses the originality of judicial Sardinia is Romanesque architecture, characterized both by adherence to the international European language and by the elaboration of local chara...

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    Architettura giudicale - Laconi, il castello del parco Aymerich - Autore, Spanu Enrico
    Siliqua, Castello di Acquafredda
    Place of culture
    Siliqua, Acquafredda Castle
    Natural Monument since 1993, the Acquafredda hill and its medieval castle dominate the Cixerri Valley, in a site important for flora, fauna and landscape. Tradition attributes the construction of the suggestive...
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    Gli affreschi romanici
    In base alle notizie rintracciabili nelle fonti, ben maggiore doveva essere la consistenza della pittura medievale in Sardegna, anche relativamente ad opere su tavola, oltreché ad affreschi: le prime perdute nella lor...
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    Et? giudicale
    Judged as Kingdoms
    The judges, the four institutional entities into which Sardinia was divided after the middle of the thousand, were bodies configured from a legal point of view as real states. At the top of the structure was the judge...
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    Works of art from judicial civilization
    The political will to be freed from Byzantium came in the 9th century to determine the conditions for the birth of judicial institutions in Sardinia. Obviously, this phenomenon could only have important consequences o...
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    A look at culture

    Dea Madre

    Simbolo di vita e fertilità

    A look at the places

    Cultural Places

    Museums - libraries - monuments


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    Download the app “Places of Culture” of the culture of the Region of Sardinia and discover the sites of cultural, archaeological, historical and artistic interest, in a new way. An immersive, engaging APP with Augmented Reality (AR+) and paths for discovering the cultural wealth of the territory.

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    Afestare Festeggiare



    Fàghere festa, sas festas, fàghere a festa

    Celebrare con festa; fare festa o dimostrazioni di gioia in onore di una persona, un evento


    Sardinia Culture Informa

    Mostra "REBUS" - Museo diocesano Arborense

    29 Sep 2023 - 26 Nov 2023

    “REBUS” Exhibition - Arborense Diocesan Museum
    The Arborense Diocesan Museum opens Friday, September 29, at 6.30 p.m., the REBUS exhibition, which collects the works of 15 Italian and Spanish artists: Lucio Afeltra, Giulia Baita,...
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    Copertina Evento - ECHOIC MEMORY

    26 Sep 2023 - 9 Nov 2023

    The forty-second edition of the Spaziomusica Festival kicks off tomorrow (Tuesday, September 26) at the Cagliari Ghetto. Echoic Memory is the theme that will accompany the events of t...
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    Bona de Mandiargues. Rifare il mondo.

    16 Sep 2023 - 5 Feb 2024

    Bona de Mandiargues. Remaking the world
    Inaugurated on September 16, at the Nivola Museum, the first major retrospective of the surrealist artist Bona de Mandiargues (Rome 1926 - Paris 2000). An artist and writer, her unique story -...
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    Tonino Casula. Ostinato continuo

    17 Jun 2023 - 5 Nov 2023

    “Tonino Casula. Constantly obstinate”
    The first important retrospective on Tonino Casula (Seulo 1931- Cagliari 2023), inaugurated on 17 June at Spazio Ilisso in Nuoro, will continue until 5 November. A shy figure far from the easy circuits of the a...
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