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Weaving techniques

Weaving techniques

Weaving techniques

The technique that characterizes the artifacts woven on the vertical loom is flat weaving with an exposed texture. It is made by inserting the weave threads that are pressed hard on the warp wires until they are completely hidden. Since the color of the fabric is in this case determined only by the weave threads, the warp can be of a different color, monochrome, mottled or raw. The chromatic gaps between adjacent colors are obtained using different techniques.

The slit texture is characterized by a small vertical slot corresponding to the gap between two colors. In general, decorative motifs have a limited length of slots; when exceptionally, the detaches create very long cracks, which could weaken the fabric excessively, they are then fixed with small points of reinforcement. This weaving technique is characteristic of the production of funeral carpets called “tapinu 'e mortu” but it is also used to create small decorative patterns for traditional blankets in some places in central Sardinia.

The dovetail texture is characterized by the fact that, with each color change lengthwise, each plot course wraps around the first thread of the warp affected by another color, sharing it in alternating courses with the textures of a different color. In this way, crevices are not created and the fabric is compact and completely double-sided, although the design is less defined in the chromatic changes.

In the laced weave weave, the colored textures are intertwined on the reverse of the fabric between the two warp chains that limit the chromatic passage of the different color blocks. In this way, a cord is created, on the reverse of the fabric, along the border line of the colors; the structure is very solid and the contours of the design are very clear on labor law. This technique was characteristic of the ancient artifacts of Nule where it was abandoned, starting in 1960, in favor of the dovetail technique



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