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Jewelry skillfully crafted with fine gold and silver filigree, red coral, precious and semi-precious stones constitute the essential equipment of traditional festive clothing. Richly decorated and embellished buttons, present in numerous women's and men's clothing: in the collars and cuffs of shirts, in jackets or along the sleeves. Silver or gold wire earrings, often with cameos depicting zoomorphic figures, worn by women since childhood. The necklaces, perhaps the most important jewel in the entire kit. Gold and silver chains of all lengths, to which a pendant can be attached, often worn together at the same time


Silver chains with terminal clips, chiseled and decorated with zoomorphic or apotropaic figures, used for garments such as coats, headgear or aprons. The amulets shaped with precious metals and stones together with organic and inorganic materials endowed with therapeutic powers, which recall religious traditions and ancient magical practices in harmony with nature and

the universe.


18/9/2023 - 16:21


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