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Fluminimaggiore, Laveria Giovanni Longu, Su Zurfuru Mine

Fluminimaggiore, Laveria Giovanni Longu, Su Zurfuru Mine

Fluminimaggiore, Laveria Giovanni Longu, Su Zurfuru Mine

Inside the museum you can admire the equipment and work tools, the documentation, the original machinery of the site and the personal items of the former miners arranged in the following itinerary: the Life in the Dark Exhibition, which represents a cross-section of mining life from the late 1700s to the present day. Of great importance is the collection of miner's lamps that trace the history of lighting in the mine. The Compressor: a large and heavy machinery with very high technology, produced in New York by the American company Ingersol Rand Company. Thanks to the compressor driven by an electric motor, which was powered by a formidable hydroelectric plant, compressed air could be produced for drilling rigs used in tunnels.
The Turbine Room: in 1895, for the first time in Sardinia, the hydroelectric power generator was installed, connected to the Pubusinessu Source through a channeling system about 5 km long. An unprecedented innovation for the island's mining history, which saw the Zu Zurfuru mine, the protagonist of this record. La Laveria: in the upper part of the laveria there is still the flotation system used for the primary crushing of the material. The plant consists of a Simmons ball mill and there are two batteries of completely wooden flotation cells from Denver, of extraordinary importance from the point of view of industrial archeology. The water was carried through a pipeline, partly still visible, from the Pubusinessu springs.

Structure category: industrial archeology

Content type: Mine
Sites or plants

Usability: Open

Province: Sud Sardegna

Common: Fluminimaggiore

Macro Territorial Area: South Sardinia


Address: SS 126, località Miniera Su Zurfuru

Telephone: +39 340 0001995




January - December

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Information on tickets and access: The museum is open by reservation only, within the times indicated. On midweek holidays, the structure is open to the public at the same time. For all info and reservations call +39 340 0001995

Access mode: Free


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