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Ulassai, Station of Art Museum

Ulassai, Station of Art Museum

Ulassai, Station of Art Museum

In the suburban area of Ulassai, on an isolated and vast plateau that overlooks the valley, surrounded by the splendor of the massive limestone “heels”, are the three buildings of the old railway station, restored after fifty years of neglect. In these rooms is located the museum, inaugurated on July 8, 2006, called the “Art Station”. Established by Maria Lai, through a donation of more than one hundred and fifty works to the City of Ulassai, the museum preserves the most important public collection of her work.
The choice of place is well suited to communicating one of the most cherished intentions of the artist's work, namely that of bringing art closer to people.
The station, in fact, commonly perceived as a place of departure and arrival, of meetings, of human relationships that meet and separate, is transformed into the ideal setting in which to host the works that Maria Lai bequeathed to her native country.
However, the artist's creative flow, with regard to the redevelopment of museum spaces, did not end when the institution was founded, because Maria Lai, also as honorary president for life of the Fondazione Stazione dell'Arte, continued over time to create works for outdoor spaces, such as the installation of the forex panels of The Five Esses (1999) on the ticket office facade, the heavenly ceramic ribbons, which indicate the way to follow the visitor on the move among the various buildings that make up the museum and are ideally linked to the operation of Linking to the Mountain (1981), his masterpiece, which anticipates the themes and methods of what will be defined, only in 1998, by the art critic Nicolas Bourriaud as “relational art”, the large steel frame placed on the portal of one of the museum's buildings, Wind Frame (2007), created to replace a forex panel in which a poem by the artist damaged by the wind was reported, and finally, Twisted Fairy Tales. Homage to Gramsci (2007) dedicated to one of the personalities to whom the artist felt most intellectually connected. (Mr. Mariani)

Why it is important to visit it
The museum is unique in its kind, as it has the largest and most complete public collection of one of the greatest contemporary artists capable of witnessing her entire journey: from the drawings and sculptures of the forties, passing through the 'looms' and the 'stitched canves' of the mid-sixties and seventies, to finally reaching the cycles of 'sewn books', 'geographies' and 'stitched fairytales&rdquo ; started from the late Seventies until the early Nineties.
The museum is proposed not only as an exhibition venue, but as a place that opens out from the inside of its rooms, expanding into the country and the landscape, towards its inhabitants, thanks to the organization of temporary exhibitions, workshops and artistic events that can promote knowledge of contemporary art. (Mr. Mariani)

Structure category: museum, gallery and/or collection

Content type: Arts

Usability: Open

Province: Nuoro

Common: Ulassai

Macro Territorial Area: Central Sardinia


Address: SP 11 - località ex Stazione Ferroviaria

Telephone: +39 0782 787055




January - December

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

9:00 AM - 7:30 PM

Information on tickets and access: The museum's reception center, with an adjoining bookshop, is open every day from 09:00 to 20:00, with a longer schedule than the museum's use.

Access mode: For a fee

Tickets :

  • Integer : 6 €, 19 years old and over, .

  • Reduced : 4 €, from 13 to 18 years old, .

  • Reduced : 4 €, Schoolgroups, .

  • Freeware : 0 €, children up to 12 years old; tourist guides, guides, groups and/or schools, journalists and bloggers after press accreditation, .

Services information: The guided tours are staggered according to the following times: from October to April 09:30; 11:00; 13:00; 14:30; 16:00; 18:00 - from May to September 09:00; 10:45; 12:00; 15:30; 16:45; 18:00; 19:30.


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