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Archaeological sites

Archaeological sites

The term “archaeological sites” indicates a site characterized by significant archaeological presences, organized both for the purpose of preserving the monumental assets contained therein and to ensure the use of natural and cultural resources in the territory.

These are, therefore, areas of high archaeological interest, equipped for study and for cultural tourism. In Sardinia, a veritable “open-air museum”, there are now numerous areas that meet this definition: the nuragic complexes of Su Nuraxi di Barumini, Genna Maria di Villanovaforru, Arrubiu di Orroli, Santa Vittoria di Serri, Santu Antine di Torralba, Santa Cristina di PauliLatino, the Phoenician-Punic cities of Nora, Tharros, Sant'Antioco, the Roman, Byzantine and Judicial monuments of Cagliari and Porto Torres, the excavations of Sant'Eulalia in Cagliari, represent only a few examples, among the many and most significant,

present on the island.


29/8/2023 - 11:10


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