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Gairo, Taquisara Cave

Gairo, Taquisara Cave

Gairo, Taquisara Cave

The Taquisara Cave is located in the central eastern part of Sardinia, in Ogliastra, in the hamlet called Gairo Taquisara, in the municipality of Gairo Sant'Elena. To get there, from the SS 125 take the exit for Jerzu, then take the old SS 125 Orientale Sarda in the direction of Jerzu.
The Taquisara cave is active and alive. Water circulations are everywhere, right from the start, varying seasonally. The living species that inhabit it arouse curiosity. The cave is populated by small and very small creatures that take refuge in the farthest crevices to protect themselves and hide from the eyes. The management motto is to 'look but not touch', to safeguard and preserve, for future generations, this underground universe so different from the surface one. Along the approximately 250 meters of the tourist route, from a safe footbridge, you can admire a series of real natural monuments. 'Stalactites' and 'stalagmites' that not infrequently come together to form large and majestic 'columns', leaving 'sails' on the sides and 'flows' in the background, with roofs and vaults adorned with a huge amount of 'cannulas' and 'eccentrics'. Real 'aragonite nests', with carbonate deposits that defy gravity. During the tourist journey, you will encounter the romantic lake, partly with a low roof and partly dominated by a large 'diaclas'. Phenomena of “mountain milk” and chromatic variations of carbonates occur in various parts of the cave, even within the same “rooms”.

How to get there
The entrance to the cave is located right on the slopes of the limestone walls above, 150 meters above the town of Gairo, which is located at the bottom of the valley, on the plateau. The cave can be reached with a walk of about 15 minutes, following a well-marked path and mostly in the woods, which goes up the side of the valley, starting from the new ring road at an aqueduct house.

Structure category: natural monument

Content type: Environmental site

Usability: Open

Province: Nuoro

Common: Gairo

Macro Territorial Area: Central Sardinia


Address: località Grotta Taquisara

Telephone: +39 327 5466980 +39 338 4592082





November 01 - March 31


10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

April 01 - October 31


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


2:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Information on tickets and access: The cave can only be visited on Sundays and holidays. To buy tickets online and to view other types of visits with different rates such as: private guided tours, photographic tours, caving visits to unstructured branches, it is advisable to visit the manager's website. Exceptions: The tour does not break down the architectural and natural barriers of the cave and therefore there is no guided tour for serious motor disabilities. The cave tour, since the environmental volume is frequently limited, is not suitable for safe visits for seriously cognitively disabled people. Access to animals is not allowed. For the limited time necessary to carry out the visit, the special points (not guarded) in which to tie the dogs, made in a shaded position, with water available, will be available free of charge outside the ticket office. Special price reductions may be granted to tour operators, bus operators, tourist associations, based on the nature and magnitude of the request. Extraordinary closures during the year: 24/12/23 - 25/12/23 - 31/12/23 - 01/01/24 - The car park near the cave, due to its limited surface, can hold a maximum of six cars.

Access mode: For a fee

Tickets :

  • Integer : 12 €, from 13 to 65 years, guided sightseeing tour in Italian/English for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 30 people, duration 45' .

  • Reduced : 9 €, children aged 6 to 12 under the supervision of an adult, disabled with minor motor disorders, over 65, speleologists/journalists/professors/CAI/guides with a valid card, pre-constituted groups of at least 10 people, citizens of Gairo, guided sightseeing tour in Italian/English, duration 45' .

  • Integer : 7 €, from 13 to 65 years, independent visit, duration 45 minutes .

  • Reduced : 5 €, children aged 6 to 12 under the supervision of an adult, disabled with minor motor disorders, over 65, speleologists/journalists/professors/CAI/guides with a valid card, pre-constituted groups of at least 10 people, citizens of Gairo, independent visit, duration 45 minutes .

  • Freeware : 0 €, children under 6 years of age under the supervision of an adult companion, visit to the cave, duration 45 minutes .

Services information: Visits: both for individual visits and for groups, on days/times when they are not scheduled to open, requests will be accepted if it is possible to constitute, within 48 hours before the visit, the “aggregated collective group” of at least 15 people on the same day/time. Do not hesitate to contact us even less than 48 hours from the date/time you would like to visit, there may be other visits already confirmed. Additional visiting facilities may then be granted, compatible with the staff's working hours. To book and get more information about visiting the cave and the territory, you can contact the dealer staff (Lugori S.C. a r.l.) either by phone at (+39) 3275466980 and 3384592082 (also WhatsApp), or by email at


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