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“Tonino Casula. Constantly obstinate”

“Tonino Casula. Constantly obstinate”

“Tonino Casula. Constantly obstinate”

The first important retrospective on Tonino Casula (Seulo 1931- Cagliari 2023), inaugurated on 17 June at Spazio Ilisso in Nuoro, will continue until 5 November.

A shy figure far from the easy circuits of the art system, also loved by many young artists for his analytical depth, always supported by brilliant intelligence, Casula is considered the most incisive among the artists who have worked and lived in Sardinia from the second half of the twentieth century to today.

Through a selection of more than 80 works, the exhibition process summarizes the focal steps of his visual research from the early Sixties to 2021. Along with a group of masterpieces, the various publications signed by him are proposed (including the well-known Learn Art, published by Einaudi in 1977) and some original materials that document the peculiarity and originality of his method.

From the beginning, Tonino Casula's work has been marked by an irresistible drive towards innovation and experimentation with materials. The effective declination in different expressive trends (painting, computer art, writing, radio-television media) fully restores the complexity of thought and action.
The founding of cultural venues and centers, the organization of artistic events and critical activism (a field of which he has been profoundly theoretical), without forgetting experimental teaching in primary school, recognized with titles and honors by the Ministry of Education, are all choices that can be traced back to his continuous research on visual perception, never separated from the constant horizon of his social commitment, which make him one of the most extraordinary figures on the international art scene, like Maria Lai and Costantino Nivola.

The exhibition proposes a journey that began with the decisive transition to abstraction in the mid-Sixties (Spaces and Transactions), later expanded with the use of experimental techniques and materials such as nitroacrylic paints, felt, mirrors, adhesive papers, ondolux and plexiglass (Nitroacrylics, from the Sixties, Prohibited, from the Seventies).
Following the further turning point at the end of the eighties in which Casula no longer created pictorial works, but preferred, as more related, the digital language of Diaphanes, proposed through monitors (considered by him to be the most “right” expressive channel for contemporary times), which will give rise to a new trend capable of intertwining sound and animation, first in 2D and then in 3D.

A multifaceted personality, therefore, that this exhibition aims to clearly outline so that it can also be rediscovered and appreciated by the general public.

Hours: 10-13/15-20 from Tuesday afternoon to Sunday
(closed on Monday and Tuesday morning)

For information: tel. +39 0784 31551 • +39 0784 33033 - email:






Structure contacts:

Ilisso Space Via Brofferio, 23- 08100, Nuoro (NU)




Tel: +39 0784 31551 - +39 0784 33033


18/9/2023 - 11:49

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