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At the Nivola Museum: Siro Cugusi. Chimere

At the Nivola Museum: Siro Cugusi. Chimere

At the Nivola Museum: Siro Cugusi. Chimere

The Nivola Museum is pleased to present Siro Cugusi's first solo show (1980) in an Italian institution. Siro Cugusi's painting unfolds on canvas and paper that are striking for their refined technique and multiple suggestions. Suspended between figuration and abstraction, his artistic language reinterprets in a personal and intimate key the surrealist concept of the disturbing, the liminal and metaphysical space where nothing is as it seems.
Cugusi's painting cites and deconstructs themes and genres of classical painting, opening windows onto parallel worlds where sacred and profane symbols merge, every logical principle is subverted and apparently foreign objects are united by mysterious ties.

Curated by Luca Cheri and Camilla Mattola, the exhibition is a journey into the artist's most recent production, characterized by large canvases that revisit the traditional genres of landscape, still life, nude and portrait, unexpectedly combining recognizable iconographic elements, abstract forms and gestural brushstrokes.

The natural landscape is a recurring theme, evoked by large fields of green that refer to trees and plants. If the formal simplification of the subjects and the stylized details in the landscape recall the masters of the early Renaissance, from Masaccio to Piero della Francesca, from a symbolic point of view the image of the garden as a secret and spiritual dimension recalls the triptych The Garden of Delights, created starting at the end of the fifteenth century by the Flemish painter Hieronymus Bosch.

Siro Cugusi was born in Sardinia in 1980. He graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari in 2004 and later moved to Paris. Starting in 2003, he has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Solo shows include Voyage and Return (Cooke Latham Gallery, London, 2022); Forest (Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, 2020; A Saucerful of Secrets (Galeria ATC, St. Cruz de Tenerife, 2019); Aleph (Annarumma Gallery, Naples, 2018). At the moment he lives and works in Sardinia.






Show card:

Institutional sponsors Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Municipality of Orani - Main supporter of the Foundation of Sardinia - With the support of Biennale Barbagia - Design and installation Alessandro Floris - Craftsmanship and Design installation by Pietro Fois - Bioaction print by Fabio Milia - Heart Studio graphic design - Allemandi catalog

Structure contacts:

Nivola Museum - Via Gonare, 2 - 08026 Orani (NU)



Tel. + 39 0784 730063

Accessibility and free access info:

Biglietti: intero 7,00 euro, ridotto 5,00 euro

Guided tours: morning at 11.30 am; afternoon at 4.00 pm - On reservation for groups of 10 or more people cost of the visit: 2.00€ in addition to the ticket price


9/4/2024 - 14:32

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