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'Burn therapy'

'Burn therapy'

'Burn therapy'

are 44 healers currently treating burns, 29 of whom are female and 15 are male. Most reported that they learned this practice through someone in their family unit. Four claimed to have arrived alone to discover medicine, two out of passion and after years of trying, the other two going through burn personnel, discovering the right herb by chance.

Of the 15 healers mentioned above, 4 work with magic therapy and 11 with empirical therapy; among the 29 healers, 18 practice magic therapy and 11 practice empirical therapy. Among the healers who treat burns with magic therapy, 12 simply recite the 'brebus' by marking the sick person with the cross, or by blowing it or pretending to spit it out.

Among the healers who practice empirical therapy, two combine the empirical element that explains the therapeutic effectiveness also with the recitation of “brebus” and prayers that must remain secret. As for the substances used by these healers, the following situation has emerged: two cure with an oil (one of them uses a special oil obtained from the yolk of the eggs), five with a decoction, nine with an ointment, four with a non-oily liquid probably consisting of the juice of the medicinal herb, obtained with different systems from one healer to another. This last therapeutic course, in some cases explicitly declared by the healer, is widely practiced in Tula, so much so that every family prepares the medicine for burns themselves.

By virtue of the presence of precise substances that are objectively effective in the treatment of burns, in the context of this pathology, the relationship between traditional medicine and official medicine has manifested, obviously at the level of local situations, a certain consistency, with moments also of open collaboration. Doctors are generally aware of the presence of these healers and tolerate their activity. Numerous cases have been ascertained in which doctors, in front of patients with severe burns, refer them to traditional healers. There are also some healers who, in recognition of the therapeutic effectiveness of their medicine, have had more than one certificate from the local doctor, a certificate in which he is recognized for solving cases of burns that are difficult to treat. Finally, some healers have already acquired a patent for their medicine and others are moving in the same direction.

As far as the transmission of these skills is concerned, all healers with empirical therapy have already adequately instructed some family members, while those with magic therapy have declared that they have not yet done it.
Finally, it should be noted that almost all burn healers with empirical therapy also cure some skin diseases.


6/9/2023 - 03:14


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