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Kingdom of Sardinia

Kingdom of Sardinia

Kingdom of Sardinia

The Sardinia of the Savoy

Between 1714 and 1718, the island passed first under Austrian control, then under Piedmontese control. With the possession of Sardinia, the Savoy acquired the royal title. Late Baroque art persisted throughout the century, by architects and artists who come from the Italian continent.

Sa die de sa Sardigna

Sa die de sa Sardigna is the festival of the Sardinian people that commemorates the so-called “Sardinian Vespers”, that is, the popular uprising of April 28, 1794 with which the Piedmontese and the Viceroy Balbiano moved away from Cagliari following the refusal of the Turin government to satisfy the requests of the island owner of the Kingdom of Sardinia.


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Fluminimaggiore, Area archelogica di Antas

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