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Alghero, MACOR Coral Museum

Alghero, MACOR Coral Museum

Alghero, MACOR Coral Museum

Housed in an elegant Art Nouveau villa from the early twentieth century, the MACOR | Coral Museum, recounts the intimate bond that unites Alghero to its territory and explores the history of the Mediterranean Sea through one of the main resources of the territory: the Corallium Rubrum.

Why is it important to visit it
One of the few Art Nouveau villas that can be visited in the city, a protected historical asset, still preserves the internal division of the rooms as a single-family home, maintaining the original decorative elements, thus allowing the visitor's imagination to be stimulated on the scenes of daily life that took place in that residence. A museum within a museum, where MACOR was created to make known, deepen, discover and rediscover tradition and culture and always keep alive the historical memory of the city.

Structure category: museum, gallery and/or collection

Content type: Science and/or technology

Usability: Open

Province: Sassari

Common: Alghero

Macro Territorial Area: Northern Sardinia


Address: via XX Settembre, 8

Telephone: +39 079 4134690


Website: del corallo



January - December

Monday - Wednesday

4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Tuesday - Thursday

10:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

10:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Information on tickets and access: Free admission for disabled people and their caregivers, teachers accompanying schools, children under 14, journalists with a card, museum operators, tourist guides, university researchers, ICOM members or other museum associations. In addition to ordinary tickets, there is a family ticket formula: Alghero Ticket Family at a cost of 40 euros, designed for family travelers. This formula requires the admission of two adults and three children up to 14 years of age to the main attractions of Alghero and the area, it also provides that for each additional child, over the third, it is necessary to purchase an additional ticket at a reduced rate; The family ticket is valid for all museums, exhibitions, towers, except for major exhibitions and for the Caves of Neptune. Upon reservation, it is possible to visit the museum at different times than usual. The ticket is also available: Alghero Ticket at a cost of 20 euros, valid for an adult. The single ticket to discover Alghero, the city's museums and monuments, the Grotta di Nettuno, the archaeological areas of the territory and the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park.

Access mode: For a fee

Tickets :

  • Integer : 5 €, grownups, .

  • Reduced : 4 €, adults over 65 years old, minors between 14 and 17 years old, booked groups of at least 20 people, .

  • Reduced : 2 €, School groups of at least 15 people, .

  • Freeware : 0 €, people with disabilities, carers of people with disabilities who are not self-sufficient, teachers accompanying school groups of at least 15 people, children under 14, tourist guides accompanying groups of at least 15 people, .

Services information: Educational itinerary dedicated to children: Costanza, the small guide of the Coral Museum, will accompany the little ones through the rooms of the MACOR showing and recounting the most important aspects and objects of the collection. Guided tours cost €2.00 more than the ticket price.


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Guided tours Guided tours

Facilitated physical accessibility for visitors with specific needs Facilitated physical accessibility for visitors with specific needs

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