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“The Time of Masks” - MURATS Museum

“The Time of Masks” - MURATS Museum

“The Time of Masks” - MURATS Museum

On the occasion of the event "A Maimone 2024. On Carrasegare antigu Samughesu”, the Single Regional Museum of Sardinian Textile Art - MURATS - and the Municipality of Samugheo in collaboration with Orientale Srl, tell “The Time of Masks”, through a double temporary exhibition.
In the main room on the ground floor it will be possible to admire the ancient masks of the Samughese tradition set up by the Cultural Association “I 'Mamutzones de Samugheo”, which has always been committed to the knowledge and enhancement of the precious cultural expressions of which it is heir and witness.
The entrance hall will host the works of the Sassari artist Francesca Cattari. This second exhibition itinerary, curated by Anna Rita Punzo and born from the collaboration with the Municipality of Neoneli and with the Social Cooperative Onlus Saludade di Sassari (active in the promotion of culture and inclusion, in the fight against early school leaving and in social dentistry), is divided into a selection of works from the project “Addendum: beauty is diversity”, launched by Cattari in 2018, the happy outcome of a multifaceted eclecticism that combines material experimentation and colors of make-up, body art and amateur photography, to the need to initiate and urge a reflection on the redefinition of social instances and standardized ideals of beauty.

The protagonist of the suggestions evoked by the author is her uncle Paolo Candidda, a former theatrical actor suffering from Down's Syndrome, a refined interpreter of a multiplicity of masks that, to paraphrase Hans Belting, are emancipated from the body through the artifice of makeup to become the portrait of the contemporary society of appearance.
Francesca Cattari and Paolo Candidda stage an allegorical kaleidoscope of hypertrophic and grotesque faces, melancholic clowns defeated and prostrated, ironically hieratic anti-heroes, capable of inducing intimate soliloquies and sincere comparisons with the multiple fragmentations of the ego.

The mask reinvents the face, conceals, desecrates, hides, temporarily suspends socio-personal identity, translates everyday life into a game of alternative appearances and possibilities, a stage of characters.
In the era of gender stereotypes, clichés and conventions that stifle personal identity, wearing a mask is sometimes not a choice, the “wonderful prodigy that allows unattainable freedom” (Dario Fo), but the only possible solution to participate in the play; the real redemption is to leave the stage, remove the makeup, let the mask fall.

Francesca Cattari
Francesca Cattari, Sassari 1989, lives and works between Tissi and Milan.
After high school studies at Azuni in Sassari and a degree in literature at the city university, he moved to Milan where he cultivated an innate passion for make-up, following a professional course at the Academy of Makeup - MUD.
In parallel with the work commitments that see her engaged on film sets, advertising campaigns, shootings and fashion shows, she carries out her artistic projects in which she combines make-up, body art and amateur photography.






On the occasion of the event “A Maimone 2024. On Carrasegare Antigua Samughesu”, the Museum will observe the following times: • Saturday, February 3, 2024 from 15:00 to 20:00 • Sunday, February 4, 2024 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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