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Cesare Perra: 'the chamber of wonders' at MUA in Sinnai

Cesare Perra: 'the chamber of wonders' at MUA in Sinnai

Cesare Perra: 'the chamber of wonders' at MUA in Sinnai

A new exhibition for the Perra collection: Saturday, January 27 at 18:00 an exhibition will be inaugurated in which the works of the so-called Perra collection will be set up.
The artistic collection, which arrived in Sinnai by bequest, was the fulcrum of the birth of the Civic Museum as a Pinacoteca during the 80s. The first installation, following the work for the construction of the sociocultural center and library in the premises of Via Colletta, was curated by Prof. Renata Serra.
In the new exhibition, accompanied by the history of the collection and its donation, religious paintings from the 17th century and works by Sardinian and national artists of the 20th century. The exhibition will be open until March 17, 2024.

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Saturday, January 27 at 18:00 opening Opening times: Monday closed/Tuesday 17:00 — 20:00 Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 — 13:00/17:00 — 20:00

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With this exhibition, we offer you a different reading, following the results of a first analysis of the collection, aimed at reconstructing the history of the works and at restoring the taste and sensitivity of a collector, Cesare Perra, during the 20th century.

Structure contacts:

MuA – Museo civico, Via Colletta n°20 - Sinnai 
Sito web:
Tel. +39 371 4692018


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